Spire Software

Pleasure to Use

We build websites that people actually want to use. A streamlined workflow is central to the architecture of the sites we build.

Clean & Neat

We hate clutter so, central to our design and development is avoiding any unnecessary distractions from the task that your website is designed to do.

Data Lovers

We're obsessed with data and the web is packed full of useful bits of information that we are dying to put to good use. Got an idea?

Our Story

Spire Software is three close friends who have been writing code together for years and share common ideas about what makes quality web design and development. We work as a small team in a rapid development environment where everyone is involved at an intimate level. The work is done quickly and to a high standard utilising the latest advances in online development.

As a company we develop everything from basic websites to complex online applications and apps for mobile devices.

If you need something to be online, get in touch and we'll get to work for you.

Lukas Berk

Lukas is our Obie Whan Kinobee. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and brings to the team a near encyclopaedic knowledge of web development which he has accumulated over many years of experience.


Mike Boehm

Mike is the baby of the group and our style aficionado. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Design and Multimedia and is absolutely driven when it comes to usability.


Hammy Goonan

Hammy came to web development the long way round. He has a background in communications and a Masters of Public Advocacy and Action. For years he was dumped with this or that organisation's website so he set out to learn more and ended up a pretty mean coder.


Some Clients of Ours

Semaine Federale Your Voice in House Respect in Disability
Craft Cartel Health and Community Services Union Sommelier.net.au
Asking for Trouble Bidgeebong Wines Prosper Australia