Semaine Federale en Australie

Exciting news from the Spire Software Desk: we’ve officially launched our first website.

You can see it here: https://audaxaustralia.org.au/sfa/

Of course, all of us have been releasing websites individually for a while but it is great to finally get one out as Spire Software!

The site is a registration site for the Semaine Federale en Australie, run by Audax Australia. It is build using the Cakephp framework as well as the JQuery Javascript library.

The event has a fairly complex pricing system with discounts for being under 16, being a member of the cycling club and for early bird registration. It allows people to become a member of Audax when they register in order to receive a discount and has a fairly detailed reporting system out the back.

I can’t wait

for the next one!

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