We’ve just done a major overhaul of the Your Voice in House site which has one major new improvement: an API.

It’s now possible to

hook into our data using a simple HTTP request. You can access every bit of data on every politician using the API. It’s documentation can be found here.

You’ll need to register to get a key to use the API but other than that there are really no restrictions on how you use it, however we do ask that you let us know if you anticipate any heavy use.

Putting the API in place has meant that we have had to normalise our database which has left it in a much more robust state and we have included a range of new fields including websites, twitter accounts and alternative email addresses.

The data we had on the site had become quite dated so it has all been deleted and we’re getting new data in place. We will slowly add this as over the next week or two (sorry it’s not quicker – things are hectic). But once it is there we have put systems in place to ensure it is much easier to manage the data which will hopefully mean that the database will be kept current this time.

So have a go and let us know what you think!